Took a short day hike through part of the Sky Lakes Wilderness in southern Oregon this morning. This is one of the better hiking/backpacking areas available in southern Oregon. It has several small medium and large lakes throughout. The lakes are said to have the purest water in the world. This was only my second trip into the area. I took an overnight trip into the are via Cherry Creek Trail a few weeks ago with a friend. We camped at Margurette Lake.


I plan on hiking all of the Sky Lakes Wilderness are over the next few years. I didn’t have a lot of time today so all I could do was a short early morning hike. This was a very good choice for that. At approximately 8 miles depending on what route you take, this loop is great for a quick and easy hike. You could easily make  a day of it if you wanted to. I didn’t follow the loop described at AllTrails. I messed up and back tracked via Cold Spring instead of South Rock Creek like described on AllTrails. The first part of the trail was burnt badly a while ago and shows it. You get out of the burnt area quickly though. Isherwood trail takes you around several beautiful lakes with lots of good camping areas.


Route: Click Here