The idea of taking a chair backing with you may seem crazy but if you’re over 30 I say its a necessity. Heck, it’s a necessity at any age if you ask me. Unless you are the type that crawls into your bag just after setting up camp you’re going to need somewhere to set down after a long day of hiking. Sure you can just set on the ground or a log or maybe even a rock but if you’re like me your back will punish you for doing so. I didn’t take a chair with me on my first trip and that will be the last trip I’ll take without one if I have anything to say about it. When you can get a chair that weighs around a pound why not. I suppose if you’re hiking the PCT or another long trail then an extra pound could become a real burden but if you’re going out for a few nights I say its well worth the extra weight.


I bought this chair June of 2018 and have only used it on one trip so far.


Light weight at 1 lb 10 oz.

Easy to put in outside pocket of pack.

Easy to assemble and put away.


Although this chair was affordable some light weight chairs are expensive.

Feels a little unstable util you get used to it.


REI Co-op Flexlite Chair