I have been wearing Darn Tough Socks for over a year now. I heard that a lot of through hikers wear them and decided to try them out. I started with just one pair then quickly replaced all my socks with them. I wear the Hiker 1/4 Sock Cushion. The idea of spending the same amount on one pair of socks that I usually spend on a bag of socks was a little frustrating at first but after wearing them I realized these socks are nothing like the cheap socks I am used to.  Its kinda hard to accurately describe just how much better these socks are than any other socks.  The feel and comfort level are simply amazing and the quality is unmatched. 

Its nice to see an American company that still takes pride in making a premium quality product in America. I’m sure they could probably out source manufacturing to China and increase the profits a little but they are making them in Vermont. 

Darn tough socks come with a lifetime warranty and I can personally attest  to it. They replaced a few pairs for me recently. It was probably my fault that they even needed to be replaced. I think I may have shrank them from drying them to hot. I’m not 100% sure that they even needed replaced. Darn Tough didn’t ask for any lengthy explanation as to why I wanted to make a warranty claim. They made the process super simple, took my word for the issue I was having and just replaced the socks.  When you consider the fact that these may be the last pair of socks you ever buy $20 is a bargain. Do like I did and buy one pair to try out for yourself but fair warning you’ll probably also end up replacing all your socks with them like I did. 


Premium quality American made. 

Super comfortable fit and feel.

Lifetime Warranty. 


You’re going to love them so much you’ll end up spending a lot replacing all your socks with them.