Finally got in a hike this year. Been crazy at work with all the snow covered roads so I wasn’t able to have a day off until just recently. We have gotten a good amount of snow in Southern Oregon so far this year. I’m a fan of snow only in that it helps make the summer months less dry otherwise it stinks because it makes getting to trail heads much more difficult. Thankfully there are some good hikes here that don’t require getting through snow packed dirt roads. The Table Rocks are almost always easy to get to regardless of how much snow pack there is here so for my first hike of the year I did Lower Table Rock. I first started hiking the Rocks when I was just a kid. I think I was maybe 12 the first time I hiked the Upper Table Rock trail. We would walk from a friends house in Central Point to the top of the Upper Rock regularly. That’s what kids did before Xbox and the internet. We would freeze a gallon or two of water the night before and then spend the day messing around on the rocks. Most of the time we just bushwhacked around. I’m not sure if there was even a trail back then.

Even though I sometimes get bored hiking the Rocks I still like the fact that they are here and the trails are well maintained. They do tend to get busy and unfortunately cars sometimes get broken into at trail heads but at least we’ve got somewhere to hike when snow pack is heavy.