Did a short in and out hike on the PCT in Ashland Saturday Jan 25th. I wanted to try and hike Grizzly Peak but couldn’t get to the trail head due to snow covered roads. I couldn’t get closer than 2 miles so I decided to try my luck with the PCT instead. I hiked a short distance out from the trail head at I-5 exit 1 in Ashland Oregon. I followed the trail east from I-5. There was a pretty good amount of snow on the trail. The trail was well traveled and easy to follow. I only went out about 1.5 miles. This is a nice section to hike in the fall and spring. I’ve hiked it from Hobart Bluff to I-5 before and really enjoyed it. That’s about 12 miles with very little elevation gain. The only issue is the shuttle drive. Its a long drive for such a short hike.