Took a overnight backpacking trip to Sky Lakes Wilderness June 21 2020. Me and a friend hiked into Margurette lake via Nannie Creek trail on Sunday and hiked out Monday. We didn’t hike very many miles on this trip. It was more of a hang out at the lake and drink bears type of trip. I think we arrived shortly after lunch time. The hike in was approximately 7 miles and passed by Puck lake, Snow Lakes and a few small creeks. We passed a small group of backpackers heading out but didn’t see anyone at the lakes. It was a perfect day at the lake Sunday. There was a mild breeze that kept the mosquitoes away until Monday morning. Anyone that has been to Sky Lakes knows that a mosquito free day in June is extremely rare.

Margurette Lake

This was my first overnight of 2020 and I couldn’t have asked for a better first trip. Hopefully I make the time to do many of these this year.

Vacation Home

I took my new Garmin in reach mini out for the first time also. So far I’m happy I bought it. I hike in a lot of areas that don’t have cell service ( a good thing! ) and wanted something for emergency communication. It would really stink if my vehicle broke down or I got injured and I couldn’t get help. I also want to do some trips that would require a pickup at other end and wanted a way to communicate with my ride.

Luther Mountain