Altra Running is known for their popular trail running shoes used by many through hikers. They also have a casual every day shoe called the Cayd. On their website they give the description;

“ Cayd means battle and that is just what our new casual shoe is made to do. You will stand out and dominate the office in this genuine leather, FootShape, Balanced Cushioning shoe. It is sophisticated, sharp and professional, sure to be your new favorite at work or out on the town. “

I was shopping for a pair of shoes to use on my daily walks when I noticed the Cayd at Zappos. I wanted something that would work well on sidewalks and would last a while. I also didn’t want a shoe with a lot of cushioning. The Cayd has balanced cushioning and Zero Drop. It also has quality leather uppers. All of this sounded good to me so I went ahead and ordered them.

The build quality on the Cayd is very nice. This shoe is not your typical tennis style shoe. I don’t feel like I spent to much at just over a hundred dollars.

Altra Cayd Shoes
Altra Cayd Shoes

I use my Suunto watch to track all of my daily walks. I’ve logged over 300 miles on the shoes and that’s not including casual wear. The only issues I had were the laces broke after a few months and the left shoes stitching came lose around my big toe. This was probably due to my small bunion. The soles held up incredibly well. I may have the stitching repaired and continue to wear them. As you can see in the photos the color seems to of faded as well. I haven’t tried cleaning them though so that may just be dirt. I will definitely continue to buy these shoes as long as Altra continues to sell them.

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